Hard Bakka Rigging

Our Organisation

Our organisation has gone from strength to strength over the years and now has an average labour force of upto 25 skilled riggers, boilermakers, and crane drivers. Hard Bakka Rigging can provide total contract management and onsite troubleshooting for every size structure to ensure the successful completion of works under budget and on time.

Operations Manager, Bill Bakka and his expert team are genuine and passionate with a focused approach to every project and every type of job, large or small.

Safety is our #1 Priority

“Safety First” is a code we live by and we always make it our No. 1 priority.

At Hard Bakka Rigging Pty Ltd, we believe in safety first and take it extremely seriously. Our safety record is exemplary, and we work hard each day on every aspect of each task to make sure it stays that way.

Our qualified team has been extensively trained in every stage of lifting and their own trades. We maintain current training records, licenses, and certificates all of which are available at the initial site inductions.

Personnel are inducted into our SWMS and SMP to ensure they understand all the risks to health and safety associated with the hazards of high-risk construction work. We conduct daily pre-job start/toolbox talks to confirm that our personnel are aware of the ever-changing site conditions and day’s task schedule.

We have set goals to manage our safety hazards and risks and we have a dedicated process to develop, identify, implement, and maintain management systems that meet all the relevant industry standards and codes.

Local Industry Advantage

Our team has a combined 20 years local industry experience, we have a breadth of knowledge driving our passion to evolve, innovate and provide efficiencies for our clients.


We look after clients right across NSW and the ACT and are known for our efficient and speedy service. We have a reputation for exceeding client expectations to meet deadlines regardless of how stringent they may be.

Technical Knowledge & In-depth Experience

We have combined in-depth technical expertise and knowledge gained through many years of experience. Hard Bakka Rigging is always upskilling and evolving our business to provide extremely safe and professional rigging for our clients.

Well-developed relationships with industry groups and leaders ensure we are ahead of the trends and changes that may affect our customers and their organisations. Our team have the equipment and technical expertise gained through years of consulting with customers to diagnose not only the best, but also the safest and most efficient solution to their problem.

Our Guarantee of Quality & Expertise

Compliance Certifications

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
Quality Management Systems
ISO 45001
ISO 45001
Safety Management Systems